Decorative concrete is the fastest growing segment of the concrete industry. Price, durability, and versatility are all factors that are fueling this growth. The words beautiful and concrete are seldom used in the same sentence, yet decorative techniques can transform a drab driveway, patio, or walkway into a beautiful surface that adds drama to a home's appearance.

Decorative concrete can be used on both exteriors and interiors. In fact, it is particularly attractive to families who enjoy an indoor/outdoor lifestyle, because a desired look can be carried from a home's interior to it's exterior. Pirate Concrete offers an array of decorative alternatives to that of original flatwork. Using decorative techniques that are available to us, we are able to create a more natural appeal that mirrors that of brick, stone, and tile while providing excellent craftsmanship. This is why people who see the end result of our decorative creations often say "I can't believe it's concrete!"

Pirate Concrete and Pervious Solutions have teamed together to offer our clients a full range of concrete services, from new construction to remodels and renovations. This collaborative effort will allow our residential and commercial customers to take advantage of a "One Stop Shop" for all of their concrete needs..